[Trans fic][One shot] All the Way to the End

Lời đầu tiên, đây là fic của Pokémon :3.

Author: nyahxneko@fanfiction.net

Original link

Pairing: Green & Red (gameverse)

Rating: M

Category: Romance, Angst

Disclaimer:  The story line is mine to own however, the characters will never belong to me.

Translator: Pikapikapika

Pika’s note: sorry nyahxneko as I’m so deeply in love with this fic but I don’t have fanfiction.net account to PM you in order to ask for the translation permission. You seem to deactivate on that board anyway :( Below is the Vietnamese translation of your beautiful fic and if someday you come across this and feel not pleased, just say a word and I will take it down right away. Thanks for writing this amazing piece <3

Warning: Translate without permisson, enjoy but please don’t take out.


All the Way To the End



art by wafflemel@deviantart.com

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